Why you might spot a Blockbuster in Vancouver this spring

A blast from the past.

In late February, Netflix’s workplace comedy series Blockbuster Video began filming in Vancouver.

Starring Randall Park (who spent time in Vancouver filming the food-centric rom-com Always be my maybe with Ally Wong) plays the role of a clerk working in the last Blockbuster store in the United States. The series also stars Melissa Fumero, who along with creator Sarah Ramos is a Brooklyn nine-nine alum. (She recently dined at Rodney’s Oyster House with cinematographer Rick Page, who also helmed Brooklyn nine-nine and The sex life of college girls.)

Blockbuster Video has had a resurgence lately thanks to a lot of social media nostalgia and the 2021 documentary about the once-dominant channel’s only location in Bend, Oregon, chronicled in The latest blockbuster.

The once-dominant chain’s bankruptcy was swift; by 2011, most low-rise stores had been turned into dollar stores, gymnasiums, or condo projects and blue and yellow signage had seemingly disappeared from the Lower Mainland overnight.

The new series revolves around Kitsilano, focused on Broadway between Waterloo and Collingwood. So far, no blue and yellow facades have been spotted in the city, but with production not expected to wrap until early May, there’s still time.