Where to Find Love in Mountain View was filmed? Cast details

Directed by director Sandra L. Martin, “Finding Love in Mountain View” is a heartwarming film that has all the looks of a Hallmark romantic comedy. The film follows successful architect Margaret who thinks she has her whole life in order. However, her perfect life turns upside down when her cousin suddenly passes away, leaving Margaret with custody of her children. With the circumstances against her, Margaret also finds herself immersed in a sudden romance of which she is not sure. The film is a beautiful journey of self-discovery and shows how taking a leap of faith can lead to great things.

With “Finding Love in Mountain View” set in a small town, it features breathtaking images and backgrounds. If you, as a viewer, are curious about where the film was shot, we’ve got you covered!

Find love in Mountain View filming locations

As the title suggests, “Finding Love in Mountain View” takes place in the city of Mountain View and is a wonderful representation of the American small town lifestyle. Surprisingly, the film was also shot in Mountain View, Arkansas. Let’s take a closer and more detailed look at the location, shall we?

Mountain View, Arkansas

Located in the bosom of the Ozark Mountains, Mountain View is a picturesque town in Stone County, Arkansas. It is home to magnificent architecture and has a tradition steeped in folk music and culture. Moreover, the location is also witness to breathtaking natural sights as it is in a beautiful valley surrounded by the blue Ozark Mountains mountain range. Known as a hotbed of live folk music, the city has always been preferred by film crews because of its natural beauty, small town aesthetic, and vibrant culture.

“Finding Love in Mountain View” is an outstanding example of the beauty of Mountain View, as it perfectly captures the exquisite natural settings for the viewer. Additionally, the film crew used many indoor and outdoor locations to reflect local culture and heritage throughout the film. Plus, the city gave the film a cozy, small-town vibe that goes along with the plot. As a popular filming destination, Mountain View has also hosted film crews for films like “Follow Your Heart” and “The Bootleggers”.

Find Love in Mountain View Cast

Danielle C. Ryan has taken Margaret’s place, while Myko Olivier tries out the character of Andrew. Danielle has had a fairly successful career and is known for playing Mary Ingalls in “The Little House on the Prairie”, Marianne Dashwood in “Austentatious”, Portia Richards in “Criminal Minds” and Claire McAllister in “Love, Lost & Found” .

On the other hand, Myko Olivier has many successful roles to his credit, including Head Warbler in “Glee”, Pi in “Castle”, General Peyton Parker in “Miss 2059” and Mr. Ryan in “Five Points”. He also voiced as William Gates in the 2020 video game “Mafia: Definitive Edition”. Other notable cast members of “Finding Love in Mountain View” include John-Paul Lavoisier as Nathan, Skyler Elyse Philpot as Sammie, Luke Loveless as Joel, Marquita Goings as Tamara, Natalie Canerday as Bertha, Dean Denton as Ted Banks and Victoria Fox as Susan.

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