Westfield Zara showdown video goes viral on TikTok

A heated confrontation between a Zara customer and a security guard unfolded at a busy shopping center in Westfield.

A tense confrontation has unfolded between a security guard at popular fashion retailer Zara and one of her customers after an item she bought set off the store’s alarm.

In disturbing footage captured by the customer and later shared on TikTok, she accused the man of ‘attacking’ her and ‘snatching’ her purchase from her hands at the Zara outlet in Westfield Stratford City, London.

She claimed the object set off the alarm because staff forgot to remove their security tag and the security guard’s strong reaction was a result of her racial profiling.

“Zara does better. You failed to remove the security tag, then I was attacked by a security guard who snatched my purchase from my hands, even though I tried to show him my receipt,” a- she writes in text through the images.

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“He threatened not to return my purchase and threatened to call the police! All the staff just stared at this man coming into my face aggressively.

A second video showed a second security guard speaking with the woman and telling her to “calm down”.

“I’m not calming down, this guy [the first security guard] was all in my face, that dude with the stupid mask, tell your man to calm down,” she told him.

“And he owns my property that I paid for. Don’t talk to me, talk to him because I’m really shaking.

The initial security guard was overheard saying he would return the woman’s perfume if she deleted the photo he believed had been taken of him.

The woman replied that she was filming the incident for her own safety.

Eventually, a woman believed to be a Zara employee took the item from the security guard and returned it to the customer.

In a comment on the second video, the woman said she “kept filming because the manager ran off with my item to remove the security tag and I was still being attacked.”

A member of the public was then shown stopping to ask if the woman was okay.

Zara was tagged by several viewers in the comments of the shopper’s video, which was uploaded on Tuesday, but has yet to respond.

The retailer has been contacted by news.com.au for comment.

Viewers were outraged by what they saw and were quick to offer their support.

“It’s the audacity of them telling you to calm down rather than check up on their worker, sis you’re a better person than me,” one wrote in a comment.

“That’s not how security is supposed to behave,” said another.

“He is angry to have been filmed because he knows he is so overwhelmed and worried about his job. As it should be,” wrote a third.