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Rob Hobson and Anthony Carroll have a lot in common – they’re both FIFO employees, they’re family oriented … and in their spare time they like to dress up as pirates.

When I sit down to interview the couple, they’ve requested a video call – when I pick up, I can immediately see why.

“We have our pirate and captain hats – are you surprised? ”

Rob, Anthony and reporter Samantha Ferguson in a phone interview.

The men tell me they met seven years ago when they started working together and have since joined forces to make videos that would make kids smile while they’re there.

“When I first started working with Anthony he did travel videos, they were pretty amazing,” Mr. Hobson said.

“And then I thought – I could do a better job than him. So I bought him his camera and started making little videos for my kids.”

“I’m going to jump in here,” laughed Mr. Carroll. “His videos were terrible and I decided to help him make better videos for his kids.”

Basically, we are just big children.

Anthony Carroll

When COVID forced FIFO shifts to expand, Mr Hobson, from Dunsborough, decided to make his videos more engaging.

So Mr. Hobson put on his captain’s hat and Mr. Carroll dressed as an unruly pirate, and they started a new business.

“With COVID, I was trying to make more videos for my kids to watch while I was away – if they missed me, they could watch TV, and there might be other people who would like to see me being silly.”

Captain Bobbo and Captain Crabclaw Bike Video

Mr Carroll added that he had started to miss his niece and nephew during his absence, which made his role in Mr Hobson’s videos all the more important.

“They live in Melbourne and I’m very bored with all the blockages – it’s a great way to connect with them, and I’ve even invited my nephew on an episode for a guest appearance. “

The videos range from silly skits to instructional videos on things like “how to ride a bike,” all filmed with characters and with lots of laughs.

“We shot a lot of our videos in Mandurah, we both love it there and the beaches are great backgrounds.”

The two so-called ship captains became increasingly popular on social media and quickly filmed happy birthday messages and personalized videos for the children of other FIFO employees.

HARD AT WORK: Rob Hobson and Anthony Carroll in their work clothes.  Photo: Supplied.

HARD AT WORK: Rob Hobson and Anthony Carroll in their work clothes. Photo: Supplied.

“We started making the videos for the kids in our lives, and now we’re doing it for everyone’s kids,” Hobson said.

“We also want to encourage other people who work outside to contact us – maybe we can make a great video with special guests with messages for their own children.”

“Deep down, we’re just big kids ourselves – that’s why it works so well,” Mr. Carroll said.

Mr Hobson quickly subscribed to the sentiment, adding “it took a while to get used to looking like a peanut on the internet, but we love it.”

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