Vislink will spotlight news and next-generation AI-powered sports production systems

Vislink (Booth C7508)(Nasdaq:VISL), a global technology leader in the capture, delivery and management of high-quality live video and associated data in the media and entertainment markets, application of the law and defense, will showcase its latest feature: comprehensive solutions for automated, AI-driven remote production for live news and sports at NAB 2022.

Vislink’s leading AI offerings include IQ Sports Producer, a live sports production and broadcast solution that provides cost-effective, high-quality video coverage for professional and grassroots sports, and vPilot, a content production system based studio software that easily creates professional productions. and at an affordable price without a cameraman or filmmaking team.

Vislink automated production systems feature the industry’s most advanced AI-based stock tracking technology, which has been developed and widely deployed by Mobile Viewpoint. They combine top-notch camera systems, including the recently announced Stellar Cam, HCAM wireless camera systems for secondary reporting, and professional-grade remote production technologies that leverage the heritage of more than 50 years of Vislink covering high-profile news and sporting events. The result is a comprehensive, highly cost-effective technology platform that enables the production of Sub-Tier 1 sporting events with video quality and production values ​​equivalent to Tier 1 event coverage, all without the need staff on site.

For content owners, this opens up access to new revenue streams by automatically producing a wide range of events that may not have previously been profitable to cover due to on-site production team costs. . Alternatively, multi-camera AI production can deliver richer, more immersive production than might be possible with a single camera. The vPilot AI studio production system allows engagement building elements such as expert opinion and correspondence analysis to be added to the program. This helps content rights holders increase viewership and engagement levels and deliver better return on event coverage. These events can be distributed to the public on many channels, including social media, OTT platforms, CDNs (content delivery networks), and as a live stream for TV broadcast.

“Content owners are always looking for creative ways to monetize their content and distribute it using the widest range of channels available,” says Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “With our AI-automated production systems, any team, association or other content owner can now cost-effectively capture and deliver levels of live game video quality that simply aren’t available on other We offer exceptional opportunities to grow audiences and fan engagement, as well as innovative subscription and advertising options, even with limited budgets or production resources.