Vinco Ventures and Emmersive Entertainment Announce First Soundtrack and Sheet Music for NFT Streaming Movie Produced by Grammy Award Winning Om’Mas Keith and Adrian L. Miller | Around the Web-Pennsylvania


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Vinco Ventures, Inc., a leader in selective acquisitions that take advantage of new market opportunities. (NASDAQ: BBIG) today announced the launch of its subsidiary EVNT Platform, LLC dba Emmersive Entertainment (Emmersive). World’s First NFT Streaming Movie Soundtrack When Grammy Award Winner Om‘With Musky’s Adrian L. Miller From the small universe (ATU).

With ATU co-owner Om’Mas Keith Adrian L. Miller,Announcement Karen Movie soundtrack Platform. The soundtrack of 11 recordings of the film includes CeeLo Green, V. Bozeman, Kota the Friend, Knox Brownft. Includes music from world famous artists such as Anderson .Paak and an introduction to new artists from the music label A Tiny Universe-WxLF. , A pregnant boy and Gumbo. NFT Streaming Soundtrack $ 3 so of September 21, 2021 so 5 p.m. ET Can be sold up to 5 p.m. ET to 21st of October, 2021.

In addition to the soundtrack, ATU also offers a limited edition of the NFT with three music videos, nine arts, a special message from director Cork Daniels and a downloadable sheet music. $ 20 Only 5,000 are available.

Sheet music producer Om’Mas Keith is a Grammy-winning music producer and is currently the Secretary and Treasurer of the Recording Academy. Keith is known for his work Frankish ocean, Kanye and Jay-Z, and Erykah Badu, Above all. Grammy Award-winning Music Producer / Manager, ATU Partner, Adrian L. MillerIs Executive Producer and Music Director of. Karen. Miller started his career with Big Boy, Pharcyde and Anderson .Paak.

“It’s exciting to work with industry legends like Hommas and Adrian. The soundtrack harnesses blockchain technology to focus specifically on music and art in order to disrupt the entertainment industry. It’s a step, ”said CSO Brian McFadden. “We look forward to continuing to develop the E-NFT platform as Lomotif’s partners help provide exposure to our brand. ”

When asked why the soundtrack of the film Karen It must be available as an NFT. ATU partners Keith and Miller said: Make it happen! “

Eric hicks Emerging “Adrian, Ommus and me first Karen We knew this A Tiny Universe / Emmmersive collaboration would be special in movies and soundtracks. In particular, soundtracks, original scores and music videos were the first NFTs of this type. “

Karen, The film was released at September 14 BET / BET Plus, and all platforms affiliated with the Quiver distribution. This film saw the excitement of the debut of PVOD. Amazon reports it as # 15 in its new and future best-selling releases.

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Vinco Ventures, Inc. (BBIG) is a selective acquisition company focused on digital media and content technology. Vinco’s BIG (Buy. Innovate. Grow.) Strategy seeks an acquisition opportunity of the appropriate size to become BIG. For more information, please visit:

EVNT Platform, LLC, dba Emmersive Entertainment

The next great art form and builder of investment vehicles. Our team draws on decades of industry experience, creative vision and programming skills to deliver unmatched digital solutions. We push the boundaries of technology and do everything we can to unlock the most creative solutions for complex artistic and technical NFT concepts. We specialize in creating custom artwork in a variety of media, while advancing the NFT market by offering our own extensive digital and physical tokens. Work directly with artists, celebrities and sports stars to create the future of memories. For more information, please visit: When

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Vinco Ventures and Emmersive Entertainment Announce First Soundtrack and Sheet Music for NFT Streaming Movie Produced by Grammy Award Winning Om’Mas Keith and Adrian L. Miller | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Vinco Ventures and Emmersive Entertainment Announce First Soundtrack and Sheet Music for NFT Streaming Movie Produced by Grammy Award Winning Om’Mas Keith and Adrian L. Miller | Around the Web-Pennsylvania


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