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THE SERAFIM took us behind the scenes of their “FEARLESS” music video shoot for the most recent THE SSERAFIM EPISODE on their official YouTube channel.

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

In the video, the members reunited for their first group music video shoot. The women looked natural on camera, shaking off any nervousness they might have had.

Before capturing his solo scenes, the digital film crew finds Sakura participate with love in HYBEThe cat closes Toro.

Although Sakura showed it off endearing personalitythe idea of ​​the video shoot was totally different.

For her solo scene, Sakura was a confident biker. By launching her set, the idol tried to persuade viewers that she commutes by bike to work every day.

She might have got away with it if she hadn’t been hilariously surprised when a member of the workers revved the engine.

Once the cameras were turned on, Sakura’s character changed and he showed his fierce side as a high-speed motorcyclist.

Later in the video, LE SSERAFIM definitely ready to shoot one of their group dance scenes. Sakura’s cute side was again shared with another member garam she was a little nervous. She then adorably reminded herself and the young member that they are good at what they do.

She once again channeled her confidence once they were able to film the dance scene, taking the middle of the formation and performing the choreography exactly.

Fans have observed Sakura’s duality from THE SSERAFIM, wondering how she’ll manage to become a cute and self-assured character.

The band are busy selling their debut album WITHOUT FEAR and profitable followers with their expertise and charming personalities. Check out the “FEARLESS” music video below!