Teyonah Parris’ superhero training video for the set of Captain Marvel 2

WandaVision star Teyonah Parris shares a video of her training to get into superhero shape for the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, The Marvels.

WandaVision star Teyonah Parris shares video of her training to get in superhero shape for the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, Wonders. The 31st film in the interconnected comic book franchise will follow on from 2019 Captain Marvel and Disney + events WandaVision and Ms. Marvel. Parris made her franchise debut in the old series as Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Carol Danvers friend and fellow aviator, Maria Rambeau, who gained the ability to absorb energy after her stint. in The Hex.

Kamala Khan’s Disney + series Ms. Marvel will introduce the character to audiences ahead of her appearance in Wonders. Megan McDonnell began writing the screenplay for the film (then called Captain Marvel 2) less than a year after the release of the first film. Once Brie Larson was confirmed to return shortly thereafter, Disney set her for a July 2022 release and landed. Candy co-writer / director Nia DaCosta at the helm. With a cast now assembled, production kicks off overseas and the stars are showing their efforts to get in the best possible shape for the sequel.

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After teasing his arrival in London, Parris took to Instagram to share a video of his hard training. Although she does not bluntly state that it is for Wonders, the actress’ confirmed return for the MCU sequel and her filming location near the UK capital indicate that she is getting into superhero form like her co-star Larson. Watch the training video below:

Click here to watch the training video.

Larson became an internet sensation during the pandemic with his increased presence on YouTube and social media, very dedicated to his training for Wonders. Seeing Parris participate in the training video sharing turns out to be a pretty exciting match for what fans can expect from the MCU’s sequel. Monica’s arrival at WandaVision was kind of an emotional roller coaster. Between being a victim of The Blip and returning years after his mother’s death and acquiring the energy-absorbing powers of The Hex will hopefully result in his taking part in some action. exciting in the film.

Even more intriguing with the reintroduction of Monica in WandaVision was the character’s apparent distaste for Larson’s hero, which was never fully explored or resolved in the Disney + series. Put it back behind Danvers’ back in Wonders will be as interesting from an emotional point of view as from a super powerful one. While the wait for the sequel to arrive may seem overwhelming, fans can at least look forward to the premiere of Ms. Marvel Later this year.

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Source: Teyonah Parris / Instagram

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