Shaun of the Dead actor told Edgar Wright the movie will go straight to DVD

Director Edgar Wright shares that he was told Shaun of the Dead would go “straight to video” as an extra while filming the horror comedy.

Director Edgar Wright shares that he’s been told Shaun of the Dead would go “directly to the videoby an extra while filming the horror comedy. The 2004 horror comedy was director Cornetto Trilog’s first filmYes and was followed by a buddies comedy Warm down and sci-fi comedy the end of the world. The film was critically and financially successful, receiving nominations for two BAFTA awards, and has since been widely discussed and analyzed.

Shaun of the Dead has become an iconic film since its release, made with a budget of $ 6.1 million, the film would make $ 30 million worldwide. The film garnered a cult following and was referenced several times, from Phineas and Ferb To World of warcraft, even a fictional sequel announced in the dimension of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The film is incredibly recognizable, so much so that stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost parodied a Shaun of the Dead scene for COVID-19 advice video during lockdowns in UK. However, Edgar Wright revealed that not everyone during production was confident in the project.

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While interviewed by British comedian Russell Howard on his topical comedy show, The Russell Howard Hour, before the release of his latest film, Last night in Soho, Wright revealed that an extra told him the film was meant to be “directly on DVDin a humorous story. While filming outside the Duke of Albany pub in New Cross, the pub that would be used for the Winchester, an older zombie extra mistook Wright for a runner. turned to Wright and told him the movie would be “directly to the video,with Wright accepting the extra hypothesis and politely agreeing. Check out Wright’s full account below.

“So we were there, like, outside a pub in New Cross, and there was one like, there were a lot of extras there, and there was a guy that was 70, an extra who, you know, was particularly amazing. , and he came up to me thinking I was a runner on the movie, and he looked at the set and turned to me and he said “Straight to the video for this one” … J just like, uh, the polite man that I have I went “Yeah ..”. “

Although Wright had no desire to revisit Shaun or Ed, the original film helped Wright achieve greater worldwide recognition, with critics, fans, and even other filmmakers and creatives such as George Romero, Quentin Tarantino and Steven King, celebrating the film. Outside of the Cornetto trilogy, Wright directed an adaptation of Byan Lee O’Malley Scott Pilgrim vs the world, as well as direct original films such as Baby Driver and Last night in Soho. The director was also originally scheduled to direct The ant Man for Marvel Studios, but left the project due to creative differences.

With Shaun of the Dead being as celebrated and revered as he is now and Last night in Soho receiving a lot of praise, it’s hard to envision a time when this would be seen as a risk. By the time of its production, Wright was already a recognizable name in the UK thanks to his television work, such as his role as a director on the Simon Pegg and Jessica Hyne sitcom. space, which itself was celebrated and nominated for a BAFTA TV Award for best sitcom. Despite the extra’s initial skepticism, Wright and Shaun of the Dead have certainly cemented their place in the history of the British film industry.

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