Prison, fine for a former school teacher who filmed students, colleagues and a policeman in the toilets

SINGAPORE: A former high school teacher was jailed for 10 weeks and fined S$2,000 on Wednesday March 23 for taking illicit videos of male students and colleagues in school toilets.

The 49-year-old offender was arrested after filming a naked police officer in a condominium clubhouse restroom.

He pleaded guilty last month to four counts of causing public nuisance by filming the victims and making obscene films. Six other charges were considered at sentencing.

Court-imposed gag orders prohibit the publication of the identity of the victims, as well as the name and school of the offender.

District Judge Melissa Tan said that although a contributory link was found between the offender’s persistent depression and his voyeurism, it was not significant.

She retained aggravating factors such as the fact that the acts of the aggressor demonstrated premeditation, that his victims were unaware that they were being filmed, and the risk of dissemination from videos taken on a mobile phone.

There was also an element of breach of trust when the victims were students at the school, the judge said.

A court has already heard that the attacker entered a secondary school bathroom where a male student was urinating on October 30, 2017.

He approaches the student and films him urinating, unbeknownst to the student. The 35-second video captured the victim’s face and private parts.

The perpetrator filmed another student taking off his shorts in the school bathroom later that year. On April 15, 2018, he also filmed a fellow teacher urinating in the school toilet.

Later that evening, the assailant was in a condominium clubhouse bathroom when a 31-year-old police investigator, who had just finished swimming in the pool, came in to take a shower.

While the officer was naked and drying off, the accused pretended to look for his access card to the condominium. He walked around the officer and filmed him telling him he was trying to see if he had left his card on the shower ledge.

The video captured the officer’s private parts as well as his face.

The officer found the offender’s behavior suspicious. After getting dressed, he came out of the restroom to look for the man.

He approached the attacker, introducing himself as a policeman. He told the offender that he suspected the man had taken video of him.

They headed to the condominium guardhouse, where the officer informed the security guards of what had happened and asked the offender to unlock his phone in their presence.

The first thing that popped up when the attacker did it was the officer’s video. Looking through the phone, the officer also saw numerous video recordings of naked men. One of the security guards made a police report.

Police found a total of 128 obscene films made by the offender between February 2017 and April 2018 in a seized phone and laptop. They included videos the offender recorded as he stood next to unsuspecting victims at the urinal.

At least three of the videos showed teachers using the school toilets and at least two of the students using the school toilets. At least 46 were registered in the toilets of the condominium pavilion.