Personnel, safety, storm water on board | Local News

The Indiana Area School District Board of Trustees tackled a long list of personnel issues, including additional homework/extra pay assignments, at a special meeting Monday night that s is also focused on security and plans for several buildings in the district.

It was the third time the council met this month. After Monday evening, the next regularly scheduled meeting is not until July 11 at 7 p.m.

Staffing items also included accepting the resignations of food truck driver Dave McDowell and librarian Marquette Pisarcik, and hiring five teachers:

• Michael Rhea, Holly Smith and Brad Wright as special education teachers, with Rhea and Smith each receiving a Masters Level 1 salary of $70,869 and Wright a Masters Level 3 salary of $77,054.

• Joseph Laukaitis as a BCIT-STEM high school teacher with an entry salary of $55,237.

• Emily Haugh as a high school art teacher with an entry salary of $51,752.

Monday’s public meeting lasted just 18 minutes, but followed a 2½ executive session, partly for personnel matters but also for a safety briefing required under the state school code as amended by Law 44 of 2018.

IASD Transportation and Security Coordinator Michael Travis was involved, as was Indiana Borough Police Department Chief Justin Schawl.

There was a security-related action on the agenda, a contract with handwriting expert and forensic document examiner Wendy Carlson, to examine graffiti at the high school for a maximum cost of $2,190.

IASD Director of Education Robert Heinrich, who replaced Superintendent Michael J. Vuckovich, said the expenses relate to an ongoing investigation into threats made in high school restrooms on March 29 and April 29. .

Meanwhile, the district is moving forward with plans for Eisenhower and East Pike Elementary Schools.

Buildings/Grounds and Transportation President Terry Kerr said six-week extensions will be needed for design work at Eisenhower and may be needed for East Pike as planning for stormwater retention proved more complex than originally proposed.

The board also approved a donation of 30 touchstones, valued at $10,000, from Nathan Kovalchick. Board Vice Chair and Chair of Audit and Finance Julia Trimarchi Cuccaro said the stones were donated for an outdoor classroom at Ben Franklin Elementary School.

Extra duty/extra pay assignments included 16 employees and four non-employees for year-round high school and fall and winter coaching jobs.

Steve Woodrow, a non-employee, was hired as an assistant football coach in the fall with a salary of $4,797.

Employee Jamie Edmonds was hired as an assistant volleyball coach in the fall at a salary of $2,322.

Unemployed Jessica Patterson was hired as the Junior High Cheerleading Coordinator at a salary of $1,612 for the fall and $1,612 for the winter.

Also among the employees of the school:

• Leah Lyons will receive $5,743 as drama coordinator, as well as $2,591 per show as director, $3,573 as music director and $1,150 as choreographer.

• Julianne Laird will receive $2,343 as vocal director, $1,731 to lead senior vocal groups and $1,351 to work with the orchestra.

• Jason Olear will receive $8,136 to work with the marching band and band, $2,343 as director of the drama orchestra and $1,731 to work with the live music and instrumental groups.

• Jackie Cupp will receive $3,284 as Band Assistant.

• Pam DiStefano will receive $3,164 to advise the directory.

• Larry Nath will receive $2,490 to advise the newspaper.

• Erik Puskar will receive $2,783 as TV/Video Production Coordinator.

• Michael Bertig will receive $2,382 as an academic advisor from the Student Government Association

• Traci Sexton will receive $2,047 as Senior Class Advisor.

Also among non-salaried high school students:

• Bethany Ryan will receive $1,150 for dramatic costume design.

Among college employees:

• Jason Rummel will receive $5,743 as a drama coordinator and $1,351 each to work with musical orchestras/instrumental groups and with musical/voice groups.

• Zachery Karcher will receive $2,111 as Band Director, $1,615 each as Music Band Director and Vocal Music Director, and $1,351 as Band/Special Events Director .

• Candice Lockard will receive $1,809 as a newspaper consultant.

• Genna Chakot will receive $1,382 as an educational advisor from the Student Government Association.

Also in college:

• Aleah Kessell will receive $2,784 as music director and $1,809 as unemployed drama show director.

• Non-employee Tegan McCune will receive $1,351 as a dramatic technical assistant.

• Amy Kukula, non-employee, will receive $1,159 as musical choreographer.