Paul Greene makes iconic Christmas movie

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Paul Greene in A Christmas Detour.

Paul Greene, better known to fans as Carson in “When Calls the Heart,” is finally back on set for The Hallmark Channel. He’s about to shoot a Christmas movie, which has fans wondering what his future is like in “When Calls the Heart”.

He’s getting ready to shoot a Christmas movie in Canada

On September 17, he shared a video while on a road trip between Montreal and Ottawa. He said he had just completed a daylong flight and was in Ontario. He spoke briefly about his new movie.

“I haven’t figured out yet if I can still talk about my co-star,” he told his fans. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to, so I just have to be careful. I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises or anything, you know? “

So far, few details have been released on his upcoming film.

Greene said his album (a project he’s working on outside of Hallmark) will likely be ready in about 30 days.

On September 18, Greene shared an Instagram story that he would perform live in Ottawa on Sunday and invited his fans to join him. He also shared that he was performing live on YouTube that night. “And then Kate and I are going to live at 5 Pacific to talk about our membership and our masterclass for Forever Young,” he added. So he stayed busy while waiting to start filming.

He said it was hard to be away from his fiancee while she was pregnant

He posted that it was difficult to be away from Kate while she was pregnant, “but a Christmas movie has to be made.”

Greene announced in July that he and his fiancee, Kate Austin, were expecting a baby. They expect their baby boy to be born on Thanksgiving, People reported. They plan to have the baby in Los Angeles, then move to the San Bernardino Mountains to a cabin on the lake.

Austin is about to be a mom at 41 and couldn’t be more horny, she told People. She said she hopes her pregnancy will encourage older women not to be afraid of having a child.

“If a woman is fit and healthy, then it’s good to be older during childbirth,” she said.

Greene, 47, said being a father keeps him young because he learns so much.

We don’t know what the future holds for Greene and “When the Heart Is Calling”

Meanwhile, “When Calls the Heart” is still filming in another part of Canada, so it seems increasingly likely that Greene won’t be returning to the show in Season 9 as Carson. However, this is not guaranteed and could still change.

Carson left town for a long fellowship at the end of Season 8 of “When the Heart Calls”, and he and Faith have broken up. The show definitely set things up for Carson to have a long break away from the show if needed.

In a podcast interview with Chris McNally in June, Greene said he hadn’t yet spoken with showrunner John Tinker, so he had no idea what was in store for his character Carson.

“I haven’t personally spoken with John,” he shared in June. “We never know what’s going on. … I mean, we think we know, but there’s a lot of… even though I did, I probably wouldn’t share it at this point because I wasn’t cleared or whatever. … I can’t make it clear that I will be back next year and I can’t make it clear that I won’t.

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