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After taking a break from last year’s reunions, the Bad Movie Club presents a screening of nasty girls 2 this week.

The Bad Movie Club meets at 7:30 am every other Thursday in the Gaylord Auditorium. The club is open to all students, with no membership fees or conditions.

Valerie Sharp, a senior in creative media production, founded the club to find a community with which to watch bad movies.

“I’ve always liked bad movies, but I didn’t have anyone to watch them with,” Sharp said.

This is the second meeting of the Bad Movies Club this year, the first having shown The pajama party, which, according to Sharp, has been a great success.

“It got a lot of laughs, which is good,” said Sharp. “People are always laughing and talking about the movie, which makes the whole experience a lot of fun.”

Sharp said that while the films the club watches may be “bad”, there is still a lot to be learned from them.

“We come together in a safe space without judgment, we discharge ourselves on these horrible films,” said Sharp. “We can analyze why something isn’t working and why something is working. It’s a good study not only of cinema, but of what it means to be a human being; why would someone do this and what can we learn from someone who did this? “

Sharp said bad movies aren’t as black and white as the club’s advertising claims.

“There are good parts of bad movies and there are bad parts of good movies. Once you look at it you realize it’s not all black and white, there is a bit more of a gray area.

Students can attend the screening of nasty girls 2 at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday at the Gaylord Auditorium.

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