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press release: “Create professional-style videos on a budget.”

Many of us want to create more polished strategic marketing videos to help grow our business. But how? It’s easier than you might think and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive.

Faith wants to help you master the basics and become your own in-house video pro to grow your video business.


Discover tips to better prepare, produce and publish:

  • Plan your best content for the video.
  • Get better video quality using what you have.
  • Filming effectively and lulling your confidence in front of the camera.
  • Reuse of videos for different social platforms.
  • Use your videos as long-term marketing assets.

SPEAKER’S BIOGRAPHY: Faith Dey is the founder of Live Well Video, whose mission is to help make video production easier for everyone. His passion for video began working in front of the camera for ESPN TV and Demand Media productions, then continued with DVDs and online content, supporting local and national brands. With her background in sales and marketing, Faith produces videos for companies in various industries for their websites, social media, YouTube and event promotions. You’ll catch it mostly on LinkedIn, with Instagram in second place.


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