Naughty Doge: The blockchain-based video streaming platform is changing the way people produce, share and consume videos


Naughty Doge has created a digital coin known as NaughtyDoge which will serve as the native cryptocurrency for users.

/ EIN News / – Hollywood, Calif., Sept.26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A new doge hits the market. Naughty Doge – a crypto project that resolved to bring the world of video streaming and all human interest videos to the public. The motivation to revolutionize video streaming services is driven by the increased challenges caused by centralized video streaming services that continue to suffocate the industry with massive policies and high fees on the revenue of content creators. For example, the leading centralized video streaming service, YouTube, has been accused of implementing unfair censorship of video content posted on the platform and only paying content creators a fraction of the revenue generated. while retaining the lion’s share.

Large video streaming companies have been known to impose stricter rules, ranging from processing payments to high fees on what content creators earn. The $ 59 billion industry has large licensing and production companies that act as “middlemen,” resulting in higher fees for content consumers and low revenues for content creators.

Naughty Doge is leveraging the growing utility of blockchain technology to improve video quality, make video production and distribution cheaper, and increase income for video content creators.

Naughty Doge takes it to the next level

Naughty Doge has created a digital coin known as NaughtyDoge which will serve as the native cryptocurrency for users. NaughtyDoge token holders will enjoy the facility of streaming on our platform privately, securely and with no additional or hidden charges. Creators believe that the potential that exists is endless for both content creators and consumers. Unlike centralized platforms that don’t support, Naughty Doge seeks to provide the tools, security, and platform for content creators to thrive. To avoid the volatility issues that have rocked major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Doge, the platform will encourage people to use the coins for immediate payments without storing them for speculation.

Naughty Doge’s NFTs

The platform seeks to enable users to create and sell some of the most unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are known to hold value, which is a derivative of user rating. While NFTs can be bought and sold like other types of art, their value is largely determined by community and demand.

And that brings us to the promotional strategy that the project intends to implement.

We all remember how Dogecoin became so popular that it shocked the entire crypto community. Yes, the dog-themed cryptocurrency that started out as a joke has a market cap of $ 31 billion to date. Experts believe the rise of Dogecoin is attributed to the emphasis the creators put on making it as ridiculous as possible and for the community to drive its adoption. Well, it can easily be said that it was the community’s resolve to work to find DOGE’s real-world utility that has propelled it to the heights it has reached so far.

The idea of ​​community with Naughty Doge

Naughty Doge strives to create a strong user community that will propel its adoption and make it the platform of choice for all decentralized video streaming services.

Naughty Doge aims to use the power of its unique NFTs to gain support from the most influential people in the crypto space, from Elon Musk to Crypto Wendy to Bitboy. By making the NFTs uniquely designed and limited edition, the project aims to increase the demand for the tokens in order to increase their value, thereby increasing the demand. The platform also plans to have templates for its promotional programs, which will be done through YouTube, Twitch, Telegram and TikTok.

Backed by a 12% lower development and expansion tax transaction fee, everything else will go to creators and users in a proportional formula. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a hobbyist content creator, you will have the same chances of winning.

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