Matt Johnson-Principal Expands U.S. Consulting Firm with New Washington Location


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2021 / – Matt Johnson-Principal’s consulting firm, MJM Consulting, has expanded to the United States. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and has now moved to Seattle, Washington. Matt Johnson-Principal founded his consulting firm with the mission of “helping organizations achieve their goals through innovative marketing strategies.” He will continue to do so as an international consultant but will also be available to his Canadian clients by visiting them or meeting remotely. In addition to being able to provide services to Canadian and American businesses, Johnson-Principal will be able to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses by advising them on how they can turn their idea into reality. He also plans to help existing businesses meet their marketing needs.

In his previous role, Matt was in charge of public relations and social media promotion at STEMCELL Technologies. Since joining STEMCELL, he has contributed to the company’s online presence by working on website and content.
In addition, he joined Sage’s marketing department shortly after graduating from the University of British Columbia, where he helped expand the company’s customer base and improve communication.

Ritchie Bros was the next logical step for Matt after nearly a decade in the marketing industry without having to worry about finding a full-time job. A company based in Burnaby, Canada manages and disposes of assets around the world. Over the next three years, he worked alongside a group of brilliant marketing gurus tasked with using email to build and maintain relationships with customers. Ritchie Bros. can use the framework they created to keep their B2B partnerships strong.

Matt always knew he wanted to help people and make their lives easier. Part of her job as a social media manager involved working with social media influencers. He used social media to publicize new STEMCELL Technologies products and events, leaving positive feedback on the company’s social accounts. Matt has also worked on content marketing strategies such as video production and social media contests.

Matt Johnson-Principal is excited about his consulting firm’s new North American location: “Seattle has more than 20 Fortune 500 companies headquartered there. It’s an exciting place for social media and marketing professionals. We are eager to help businesses. owners across North America through social media marketing, public relations, social media contests, branding and web design.

MJM Consulting is located in Seattle, Washington and has clients across the country in various industries. The social media marketing agency focuses on social media contests, social media management, website design, and content marketing.
On a daily basis, Matt Johnson-Principal and his team at MJM Consulting research new and innovative ways to help clients. They think outside the box to ensure that campaigns are effective and aligned with the client’s marketing goals.
The company has already worked on several successful social media campaigns. One example is when they were hired by a video game developer to help promote one of their new products on social media. They received a sample of the game and worked with the company’s creative team to create a contest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign was aimed at teenagers who enjoy playing video games while having fun.

So far, Matt has been happy with his decision to start a business in the United States. “After spending time advising companies across Canada, I knew it was time to expand MJM’s clients and services to North America,” said Matt Johnson-Principal. “We have already had great discussions with clients in the United States and look forward to helping them succeed with our innovative social media marketing strategies. ”

MJM Consulting can help businesses with their website design, public relations and branding needs. The ambitious entrepreneur is always looking for new ways to improve his business by adapting to different situations. He is also excited about the prospect of further expanding the reach of his business across the United States with new locations in places like Chicago and New York. Johnson-Principal says he already has his eye on some real estate but wants to establish a firm foothold in the Seattle area before embarking on this next adventure.

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