Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Looks A Bit Beaten Up In Close-Up Video

Tesla opened the Gigafactory in Texas on April 7, 2022, in a celebratory event called Cyber ​​Rodeo. The electric automaker’s massive new factory measures 338 million square feet and is located in Austin, Texas.

Of course, Elon Musk attended the event with a preview of the next Tesla Cybertruck. The one shown on stage was a working prototype and apparently some people may have been lucky enough to get close to the angle sensor, like in this video from Cyber ​​owners on Youtube.

In the presentation video, you could see that the Cybertruck prototype looks quite damaged and riddled with imperfections. There are considerable gaps in the panels, as well as several misaligned panels, glued sections and damaged parts such as the exterior mirrors.

To be fair, this Tesla Cybertruck is still a production prototype, so it’s no surprise to see these imperfections. Some parts here may have been assembled by hand, hence the errors. We have already seen several prototypes from other brands and they differ a lot from the production versions in terms of build quality.

That said, we expect the production version to have a much better build quality than what you see in the video.

Musk says the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas has the capacity to produce one million cars a year when fully operational. Half of it would be the Tesla Model Y, along with the batteries used by Tesla cars. The Cybertruck will be manufactured in this factory and will be marketed in 2023.

Besides the Cybertruck, a “massive wave of new products” will arrive in 2023. Musk did not disclose the names of these products, but reports indicate that these include the second-generation Roadster and the Semi.