Jeju Urban Regeneration Spaces to Serve as Filming Locations for Movies and Commercials

▲ Last year’s parade at Original Downtown (Photo = Jeju Urban Regeneration Support Center)

The Jeju Urban Regeneration Center signed a business deal with Singaporean startup Filmplace Korea (CEO Lin Lincoln Junhong) on ​​March 17 to revitalize urban regeneration spaces in Jeju.

The Jeju Urban Regeneration Support Center plans to stimulate the local economy by influencing the population and creating tourism products in the region by promoting urban regeneration facilities as filming locations for various video content such as movies and ads. The strategy will move away from the existing revitalization plan that had passively leased them for general purposes.

The MoU includes their agreement to use and support the Filmplace platform to revitalize urban regeneration spaces in Jeju province and collaborate online to promote Jeju urban regeneration spaces, participating businesses and facilities.

Filmplace, one of the signatories to the agreement, is a filming location marketplace that supports hosts and video producers who provide locations and serves as a location manager that introduces, recommends and books filming locations in the whole world. It has registered over 1,900 filming locations and attracted over 4,300 users to the platform last year.

The Jeju Urban Regeneration New Deal project is currently underway in nine areas, including the original downtown area (Mogwan District) and Shinsanmeoru area of ​​Jeju City which completed operations last year.