FKP Scorpio launches show production company

Carsten ChristiansCarsten ChristiansJasper Barendregt (right) will manage the newly launched FKP Show creatives.Benjamin Hetzer succeeds Barendregt as production director of the festival.

FKP Scorpio today announced the launch of FKP Show Creations GmbH, a new arm of the company that will focus on musicals, shows, family entertainment and opera – anything that can come to life in the inside theaters, but not only there.

Jasper Barendregt, former director of festival production at FKP Scorpio, will lead the new company alongside FKP Scorpio CEO Folkert Koopmans. Barendregt said the company has been in the making for a long time and added, “I look forward to the challenges ahead, although I will miss the festival activity after twelve exciting and fulfilling years.”

The first production directed by FKP Show Creations is a live-action adaptation of the popular TV show “The Masked Singer”. While the new company’s slogan reads “we create worlds in theatres”, this particular production will travel to 13 arenas across Germany.

In addition to “The Masked Singer”, FKP Show Creations’ confirmed projects also include shows such as “Paw Patrol Live” or “Glamonatrix” by Dita van Teese.

Barendregt’s previous duties as FKP Scorpio will be taken over by long-time employee Benjamin Hetzer, who has already worked in festival production at FKP since 2012. The 34-year-old studied music business at the Pop Academy in Mannheim and is a certified vocational baccalaureate. event technology (“Meister für Veranstaltungstechnik”).

As an event manager he has overseen events such as Southside, Highfield and A Summer’s Tale since 2015 and is also responsible for the new Tempelhof Sounds festival in Berlin. Hetzer commented: “I am very excited about my new task and I would especially like to thank our team, who have also been consistent over the last few years of the pandemic and are doing a great job in all areas. situations. I’m proud and grateful to be working with this team to plan our festivals again in the future.”