First come divides emergency response activity into two

First arrivala startup that provides digital signage, websites, and marketing and communications services primarily to local police and fire departments, divested part of its business.

In so many words, the rearrangement will separate the technical side from the creative side. The digital signage and website building component of the business will now operate as a stand-alone business called First Arriving IO, while First Arriving LLC will handle marketing and branding, recruitment and retention and video production.

Both companies will have the same CEO, Dave Iannone, and a press release said the pair will work “hand in hand to provide a seamless experience and a full suite of services”.

“With the rapid adoption of SaaS tools and software in public safety and local government, from planning and incident response to inventory management and training, public safety is inundated with alerts, dashboards and information flows,” Alex Ford, president of First Arriving IO, said in the statement. “It is painful for agencies to sort out what matters most, leading to miscommunication and increasing the risk to public safety. First Arriving IO was designed in response to agency requests for help reducing the noise created by increasingly complex technical environments.

The company’s digital signage is built with more than 100 integrations, according to its website, ranging from dispatch systems to mapping platforms to social media feeds. Websites and a mobile app to accompany these systems provide communication tools for First Arriving customers, which also include municipal governments, the private sector and non-profit organizations.