Faraday Future Hosts 919 Futurist Day Co-Creation Celebration and Announces New Business Initiatives and Positive Progress on FF 91 Vehicle Production and Delivery

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (“FF”) (NASDAQ: FFIE), a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, today announced significant new business initiatives on its 919 Futurist Day ”Held jointly at its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and China on Sunday, September 19e. Hundreds of attendees representing FF users, partners, car enthusiasts, employees and family members around the world came together to celebrate successes, products, technologies, people, innovation and the user-centered philosophy of FF. 919 Futurist Day is an important platform for FF to co-create its products and services with its users. This year has included demonstrations of FF 91 products and technologies as well as important business updates on the progress of FF 91 and new business initiatives from FF management.

The event also included many VIP guests, retail investors, potential users and futuristic product managers who participated in a comprehensive and in-depth comparison experience between FF 91 and some of the most iconic automotive products and technologies at the event. an interactive co-creation session. with the executives and designers of FF. They had time with the FF 91, Mercedes Benz Maybach, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Lamborghini Urus. After full evaluations by VIPs, FF 91 was ranked first in overall sentiment.

Faraday Future Global CEO Dr Carsten Breitfeld shared the significant progress FF has made in improving product capabilities, product testing, supply chain, manufacturing, sales , business development and the recruitment of the best talents. Dr Breitfeld announced that FF’s unmatched strategy in the US-Chinese dual domestic market has also made an important breakthrough, as substantial progress is made in the strategic cooperation between FF and Geely Holdings, which was a key investor in the FF’s recently completed SPAC business combination, with the formal completion of the first phase of technical cooperation. At present, the technical teams of both sides are closely aligned for technology acceptance and development readiness. The implementation of technical cooperation will help both sides to explore new collaborations. It will also promote the growth of FF’s activities in China.

Dr Breitfeld also described the partnership between FF and Palantir Foundry in the US and EU, whereby Palantir has made a strategic investment in FF and will allow FF to leverage Palantir Foundry to develop products and services of breaking up. The partnership jointly explores ambitious innovations across the value chain to advance the mobility revolution, including leveraging Palantir’s experience with leading manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler, Faurecia and Airbus, to accelerate the ramp-up of production and reduce non-quality costs; Leverage Foundry’s unique analysis and modeling infrastructure to accelerate the delivery of advanced capabilities such as autonomous driving; transform vehicles into platforms and redefine the after-sales experience and financial services; and enable partners across the value chain to join a growing ecosystem of data and analytics across the industry.

“Our annual 919 futuristic co-creation festival was a great success,” said FF Global CEO Dr Carsten Breitfeld. “Event 919 allowed us to both announce important new market information and achieve our goal for the day, which was to come together with the FF community to co-create and share ideas and create value together.With the business and product updates we have announced at 919, we are extremely confident that we will deliver the FF 91 Futurist on time, with high quality and strong product capability, and within 12 month following closure. ”

“Many FF futurists gathered at the FF headquarters on Sunday to witness the evaluation of the FF 91 against many ultra-luxury vehicles from major brands. We have witnessed the juxtaposition between the pinnacle of future technology and traditional bastions of luxury, and the next generation of mobility replacing long-standing automotive culture, ”said YT Jia, Founder and CPUO of Faraday Future. “The results of this comparison showed that the FF 91 is equipped with technological prowess and unbeatable products and is the only product in the world that is of a class above the S / X / Plaid model, both in terms of performance and technological positioning. Our priority is to put the FF91 in the hands of our global users, disrupt traditional ultra-luxury brands such as Maybach, Ferrari and Bentley, and become the No. 1 in the global ultra-luxury user segment. . This is the common mission of the Futurist Alliance.

On this special day, FF also partnered with nonprofit The Purist Group to support a joint FF toy drive that benefits underprivileged and less fortunate children and families in communities across Southern California. Attendees at Event 919 were invited to bring a new toy in order to participate in the activities, all of which will be donated to local charities through The Purist Group. As a global company based in Southern California, Faraday Future and The Purist Group are united to support local communities and families.

The FF 91 Futurist Alliance Edition and FF 91 Futurist models represent the next generation of intelligent Internet electric vehicle (EV) products. They are high-performance electric vehicles, multi-purpose cars and ultimate robotic vehicles, allowing users to experience the third Internet living space. Templates also encompass extreme technology, ultimate user experience, and complete ecosystem.

Both models have an output of 1,050 horsepower, a 130 kWh battery with immersive liquid cooling technology, and 0-100 km / h performance in 2.4 seconds. In addition, both use three-motor torque vectoring and rear wheels driven and controlled independently by two rear motors. Both models are also equipped with the industry’s only super hotspot for “light speed” Internet connection, video streaming on the passenger information screen, intelligent rear Internet system. , an on-board videoconferencing system, intelligent transparent input, FFID facial recognition, eyeless multi-touch control and gravity-free rear seats with the industry’s widest seat angle of 150 degrees.

A replay of the business update provided by Dr Breitfeld is now available on the company’s investor relations page: https://investors.ff.com/events/event-details/919-futurist-day. FF also announced that it will be hosting an Investor Day in the first half of December of this year.

Users can reserve a FF 91 Futurist model now through the FF smart app or FF.com at: https://www.ff.com/us/reserve.

Download the new FF smart app from: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1454187098 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.faradayfuture.online.


Founded in May 2014, FF is a global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, FF has implemented many innovations regarding its products, technology, business model, profit model, user ecosystem and governance structure. On July 22, 2021, FF was listed on the NASDAQ under the new company name “Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.”, and the ticker symbols “FFIE” for its Class A common shares and “FFIEW” for its warrants. FF aims to continuously improve the way people move by creating a forward-thinking mobility ecosystem that integrates clean energy, AI, the internet and new usage models. With the ultimate smart techluxury brand positioning, FF FF 91 Futurist’s first flagship is equipped with unbeatable product power. It is not only a high performance electric vehicle, multi-purpose car and ultimate robotic vehicle, but also the third internet living space.









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