Did Blake Shelton almost catch fire while filming a music video?


Blake Shelton took fans behind the scenes of “the main part” of her latest music video. When Shelton returns as a country boy, he rises from a roaring campfire and the country artist has taken to his social media to show how he came out of the flames.

And he assured fans, “If you almost saw me catch on fire… you didn’t.”

Shelton opens the video, explaining that the main part of his music video for “Come Back As A Country Boy” is “me coming out of the fire, which is real, 100% real, by the way,” he said. declared. “People always ask me, what don’t people know about you? And for me, I can be on fire and just shake it. Watch Shelton shake the flames here:

the Voice the coach released “Come Back As A Country Boy” earlier this year. This is one of his last singles of his Body language deluxe edition, as Shelton sings it: “So when I die I wanna come back as a country boy / No there is no better life if you ask me / If my neck doesn’t turn red, so Lord keep me dead / Because a country boy is all I know how to be “

“I think this song is an anthem for the hardworking country people every day,” Shelton said in a press release when he introduced the song. “We’re so proud of who we are and what we do that if we ever died and had the chance to live life again, we probably wouldn’t if we couldn’t be a country.” Watch his latest clip here: