Company starts using bias research software

Telhio Credit Union, a company based in Columbus, Ohio, has started using software to check for keywords related to race, gender and age biases, CNN Business reported.

The software comes from a startup called UnBiasIt created by Black Progress Matters. The company, from Phoenix, Arizona, formed UnBiasIt in 2020 and businesses started using it in March.

As soon as it detects comments likely to raise objections, it sends an alert to a group of human resources employees. Actions the group may decide to take include training related to stigma.

UnBiasIt does not use artificial intelligence, citing AI which could be biased.

It is designed as a method of researching unconscious prejudices. A Telhio spokesperson gave the example of the phrase “hire diversity” as something the software would flag. Businesses have the ability to customize the software to search for specific words or phrases.

Critics of the software said it could only notice obvious examples of bias and lead to false positives.

“It is likely that there is a lack of ways in which prejudice can occur in the workplace and yet gives the employer a false sense of security that he is doing something and changing the culture, while ‘he doesn’t, “said Pauline Kim. , professor of law at the University of Washington in St. Louis.

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