Chandler Council Candidate: Jane Poston

Age: 53

Years in Chandler: 13 as resident (20 years as employee/entrepreneur)

Close family: Husband Jason Heinkel, with our two sons, Jacob & Jackson.

Education: Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Occupation: Owner and partner of J2 Media, proving full-service video production and communications.

Jane Poston

Why are you running for Council?

I run to make a good city better. Chandler enjoys a solid reputation as a quality community for residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and our schools. As a former city employee, small business owner, and community volunteer, I believe I bring the skills and experience needed to serve Chandler.

Prior to your decision to run for municipal office, how were you involved in community and/or city government related activities?

My Community Service includes Chair of the Board of Chandler Chamber (2021) and Chair of Women in Leadership, 2021 Citizen Bond Committee (Airport), Chair of the Board of Chandler Education Foundation, Board of East Valley JCC Administration, CUSD Bond & Override Marketing Chair and pro bono work for Chandler Firefighter Charities, AZCEND, ACEE and Fans Across America.

What attributes do you bring to the table that would serve the city well, particularly if economic headwinds such as inflation confront America in the coming years?

As a former City employee and tax conservator, I understand the City’s budget and the importance of being a good steward of taxpayers’ money. I also own a successful small business and have served on budget override and bond committees for the city and school district.

Name three of your main concerns in Chandler for the next four years and say how you would address them?

Public safety hiring, high quality jobs and quality of life services (water, transportation, parks and recreation facilities). I will work closely with my colleagues on Council, our residents, and staff from City departments and divisions to set goals and objectives to adequately address these concerns.

Name something you would change about city government that would make it better.

As a former City employee and professional communicator, I bring a unique perspective. I am an advocate for government transparency and communication. I would ensure that we continue to provide open communications to our residents and encourage and promote resident engagement on important issues.

How can the City facilitate the development of affordable workforce housing?

This complex problem has been amplified by strong economic policies and job growth encouraging people to move here at a rapid pace. Accessible housing is a regional issue with multiple pressure points, and I believe we should work with partners across the valley to find a balanced path forward.

What issue has been handled poorly by the current city council and what would you do differently?

Failing to pass a Non-Discrimination Order (NDO). Through my work in the House and as a small business owner, I have been an active supporter of a non-discrimination ordinance, and Chandler has failed to act on this important issue, despite strong recommendation from the business community.

Should Chandler pass an anti-discrimination ordinance with penalties for violating its provisions? Why or why not?

There should be no penalties, and all of the recommendations I’ve supported have said very specifically that this should be a civil matter. I believe the focus should be on education, awareness and training. The end goal of an NDO is to ensure that every resident is treated fairly and equitably.

Would you support a bond issue to lengthen the runways at Chandler Airport? Why or why not?

I would like to ensure that the City receives feedback from residents and businesses before taking a position on such an important issue. A bond issue of this nature has longstanding ramifications for our community and should be thoroughly investigated.

What achievement/activity that has benefited your neighborhood or the city are you most proud of?

I am very proud of my efforts as Chairman of the Board of the Chandler Education Foundation. During my tenure, I led the efforts that brought the Foundation out of a budget deficit and implemented policies and procedures to ensure long-term financial stability. This work continues to benefit Chandler students today.