Billzo robbed in Miami while filming vlog

Popular Twitch streamer Billzo, who is best known for his Minecraft streams, was robbed while in Miami with fellow streamer Badlinu. The streamer shared the news via a short video posted on his official Twitter account.

“Sorry, there will be no more US vlogs,” the streamer said in the video. “Excuse the boys. Me and Fred were shooting the last part of the video in Miami and we just got robbed.

Billzo is primarily known for streaming Minecraft content on island Z Minecraft server. He has already participated in Minecraft Championships (MCC) during the MCC Rising Special Event and was a member of the now terminated BearSMP Minecraft server.

The streamer’s YouTube content only includes a few videos, but has recently focused on vlogs. Billzo’s latest vlog included fellow streamers Ranboo and Jack Manifold as they cosplayed Batman characters and acted out a joke storyline for a second Batman movie.

The streamer was working on the next vlog for his YouTube channel while traveling across America with his friend Banlinu when they were robbed. Among the items stolen from Billzo was his signature bandana.

“There’s my insulin and everything,” the streamer said of the bag that was stolen. “Also, uh, the bandanas are gone. I don’t know what, or if, we’ll replace it or what, but I don’t have insulin, we don’t have a bandana, Fred lost his laptop, uh, sorry for the vlog again guys .