ARTUSHA – Virginia Groove Rockers Returns with New Vocalist and Single; “Death To Life” lyrical video streaming

Virginia-based groove rockers Artusha present their recently added singer with a video for the track “Death To Life”. Watch the new video of the newly created quartet below.

“This song represents the struggles we face and the choices we have to fight through life’s darkest days and times,” said guitarist David Landers. “Mentally, physically and spiritually, you have a voice and a choice. Choose life over death and turn up the soundtrack.

“Death To Life” is also an important musical step for Artusha. “We keep grooving and thrashing where it makes sense, but this song was a clear sign of musical maturity and an expansion of our sonic range,” says bassist Brian Hase.

Drummer Caylon Landers adds, “’Death To Life’ not only covers the lyrics of a wide range of emotions and moments that we’ve all experienced at times, but musically it takes you on that journey as well. Along with these life experiences come growth and strength. This song shows how we as a band earned them as part of our journey as well. “

Artusha’s heavy, groovy metal style reflects the band’s varied influences and focuses on consensus songwriting within the band. The finely tuned quartet does not strictly adhere to the boundaries of any genre, using raw power and genuinely curious hearts to create bold, uncompromising music that is full of meaning.

The group is made up of multi-instrumentalists who have also written and recorded solo projects and work in-house on recording and video production of Artusha. All music is recorded, mixed and mastered by David Landers and the video was created and edited by Caylon Landers at David’s Zero Label Studios in Richmond, Virginia.

Artusha is:
Kent Stewart – vocals
David Landers – guitar
Brian Hase – bass
Caylon Landers – battery

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