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Director James Wan and his creative partner Leigh Whannell burst into the industry with their 2003 short Seen, which they remade a year later as a Lionsgate feature film. Introducing the horror icon Jigsaw (the moral and vengeful architect of an escape room with plenty of free time, played with aplomb by Tobin Bell), SeenThe high-level thrills and extreme gore of have found its audience of young viewers increasingly desensitized. Wan and Whannell branched out early from Seen, remaining on the franchise as executive producers.

Dead silence and Death sentence came and went before Wan found more franchise horror gold with Insidious. Wan would direct the first two films, while Whannell made his directorial debut on chapter 3 (and from there would rise to To improve and The invisible Man). After Insidious for Wan: Realization of horror opus Conspiracy, a successful 1970s-style scarefest reminiscent of The omen and The Exorcist.

Wan received the keys to the Fast Furious series, with furious 7 pull off the action, heists and the appropriate, emotional family tribute to star Paul Walker, who died late in production. F7 remains the best valued and the most profitable Mad of the franchise. The Conjuring 2 came close enough to capturing the magic of the first, and Wan’s stay in the DC Extended Universe gave way. Aquaman, the first DCEU film to exceed $ 1 billion worldwide.

Wan is back to his roots in smaller-scale horror with Smart. To mark the occasion, we are ranking all James Wan movies by Tomatometer!

# 9

Adjusted score: 23840%

Critics Consensus: An absurd plot and an absurd amount of violence make this image of revenge gratuitous and exaggerated.

# 8

Adjusted score: 22470%

Critics Consensus: More tasteful than recent slasher movies, but Dead silence is undone by boring characters, bland dialogue, and an unnecessary and obvious twist ending.

# 7

Adjusted score: 43653%

Critics Consensus: Insidious: Chapter 2 is decidedly short of the tension and surprises that made its predecessor so creepy.

# 6

Adjusted score: 55892%

Critics Consensus: Seen traps audiences with a deceptively clever plot and a myriad of memorable, wicked sets, but its lofty ambitions are undermined by a nihilistic streak that feels more wicked than deep.

# 5

Adjusted score: 87,025%

Critics Consensus: Aquaman swims with its entertaining and ridiculous tide, delivering a CGI superhero show that offers energetic action with an emphasis on old-fashioned good fun.

# 4

Adjusted score: 72,551%

Critics Consensus: Aside from a shaky final act, Insidious is a thrill ride in a very spooky and very fun haunted house.

# 3

Adjusted score: 91,168%

Critics Consensus: The Conjuring 2 Can’t help but lose a bit of its predecessor’s cold sting to familiarity, but what remains is still a superior ghost story told with spine tingling skill.

# 2

Adjusted score: 94,114%

Critics Consensus: Serving up a new round of thrills while adding unexpected dramatic weight, furious 7 keeps the franchise moving in more ways than one.

# 1

Adjusted score: 95502%

Critics Consensus: Well designed and gleefully scary, Conspiracy increases dread through a series of effective old-fashioned scares.

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